Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Alan Rocks Trivia Questions

Q: A famous magician died on October 31st, 1926. Every Halloween evening since, magicians and psychics have tried to contact him. Who is he?
A: Harry Houdini.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Alan Rock's Trivia Questions

Q: During his first season as "The Fonz" on "Happy Days", how much did actor Henry Winkler recieve per episode?
A: $750. Eventually he recieved $80,000 per episode.

Q: On early television who was "America's Favorite Flying Cowboy"?
A: Texas Ranger Sky King. The character was played by actor Kirby Grant. He was later killed in a Montana auto accident at age 74 on October 30th, 1985

Friday, October 13, 2006

Alan Rock's Trivia Questions

Q: On October 13, 1792, what famous cornerstone was laid for what very special building?

A: The White House in Washington D.C.

Q: What branch of our military was established on this date in 1775?

A: The U.S. Navy. And not a minute too soon; the Army was about to try and wade across the Atlantic.

Q: Who claimed England for the Normans on this date in 1066?

A: William the Conqueror. According to historians, he actually hated to fight and sometimes wished his parents had named him William the Gardener.

Q: On October 13, 1958, was the last "big band" hit song. It reached #7 on the Billboard Hot 100. Name that tune.

A: Warren Covington and the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra's "Tea for Two Cha-Cha."

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Alan Rock's Trivia Questions

Q: In Northern California: Scientists have located a Redwood, it's the world's tallest tree. How tall is it?

A: 379 feet. This tree is soooo tall - if it fell in the forest and nobody was there to hear it - it might just make a tiny noise.

Q: Who invented scissors?

A: Leonardo da Vinci

Q: Assuming your skin is average, how often do you shed a complete layer of it?

A: Every 28 days.

Q: On October 12, 1962, a Little Richard concert in Liverpool was opened by a local group. Can you name them?

A: The Beatles. Greatest band ever. :)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Alan Rock's Trivia Questions

Q: On this date in 1975, "Saturday Night Live" debuted. Who was the first host?
A: George Carlin. Can you name the original cast members?
A: Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Jane Curtin, Garrett Morris, Laraine Newman, and Gilda Radner.

Q: In Disney's Fantasia, what was the Sorcerer's name?
A: Yensid, which is Disney spelled backwards.

Q: Who was the first president to fly?
A: On October 11, 1910 Teddy Roosevelt became the first president to fly. He soared through the air and waved at people... and vowed never to get on that horse again.

Q: On October 11, 1984, who became the first American woman to walk in space?
A: Kathy Sullivan. Everyone called Kathy courageous, but she said she felt perfectly safe. After all, working in space you don't have to worry about muggers or loose dogs. She called it almost as exciting as shopping.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Alan Rock's Trivia Questions

Q: On October 10, 1951 something really big started in telephone communication, what was it?
A: The worlds first direct dial long distance telephone servie began in the U.S. For the first time, there was no need to call the operator. Have you called an operator lately? They all sound depressed and lonely. Whenever you have a little spare time, dial "0" and tell the operator you're just calling to say "Hello". You'll be making her feel wanted -and the phone company only charges $2.75 a minute.

Q: What did Columbus bring to the New World on his trip that he did not bring on his first or second trips?
A: Women. 30 to be precise.

Q: Remember the Platters'? What was the Platters' biggest selling single?
A: "The Great Pretender" in 1955. Filibuster was called "I'm Just a Dancing Partner."

Q: On October 10, 1970, singer Neil Diamond scored his first #1 song. Can you name that tune?
A: "Cracklin' Rosie."

Monday, October 09, 2006

Alan Rock's Trivia Questions

Q: Born October 9, 1940: John Lennon. (Killed Dec. 8, 1980) Interestin trivia about the former Beatle: When John Lennon was born--the doctor slapped the baby's bottom--and little John made a noise that sounded exactly like Yodo Ono singing. On October 9, 1985, a 2.5 acre memorial garden in New York's Central Park was dedicated to the late John Lennon. What is the name of the garden?
A: Strawberry Fields.

Q: Colin Emm was born November 20, 1932, Gosport, Hampshire England. His nicknames are Dickie, The Kissing Bandit and Kissyface. We knoow, or remember him as?
A: Richard Dawson.

Q: What is the longest recorded flight of a chicken in seconds?
A: 13 seconds.

Q: On October 9, 1967, Doc Severinson replaced who as director of the NBC Tonight Show Orchestra. The Doc was already a member of the band.
A: Skitch Henderson.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Alan Rock's Trivia Questions

Q: On this date in 1996, the first movie directed by Tom Hanks was released. (He also starred) Do you know the title?
A: That Thing You Do

Q: On October 4, 1957 The first satellite to orbit the Earth was launched by the Soviet Union. What was it's name?
A: Sputnik One. One small step towards satellite TV. One giant leep towards 300 channels and nothing on.

Q: Where is the world's only roller skating museum?
A: Lincoln, Nebraska.

Q: Which is more likely to help you lose weight: (a) drinking hot water; (b) drinking ice-cold water; or (c) drinking tap water?
A: Ice-cold water, because the body burns calories expending energy to heat the water to body temperature. But, as always, check with you doctor (Men's Fitness magazine).