Sunday, October 11, 2015

Alan's Trivia

Q: On Oct 11, 1975, "Saturday Night Live" debuted on NBC-TV, starring Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Jane Curtin, Garrett Morris, Laraine Newman, and Gilda Radner. Who was the first host?  

A: George Carlin.

Q: On Oct. 11, 1984, a female space shuttle astronaut became the first American woman to walk in space. Do you remember her name?  

A: Kathy Sullivan

Q:Where in the human body is the talus bone?  

A: The Ankle

Q: Gout is caused by elevated levels of which substance in the blood? 
A: Uric acid.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Alan Rock's trivia

Q: On Oct 10, 1980, actor Billy Thomas died of a heart attack at age 49. He starred in 89 Our Gang films as who? . 
A: Buckwheat. In 1990 an imposter appeared as Buckwheat on ABC’s TV news program 20/20.

Q: What was the Platters’ biggest selling single?  
A: "The Great Pretender" in 1955. Flipside was called "I’m Just a Dancing Partner."

Q: As of 2012, only five jazz musicians have been featured on the cover of Time Magazine. Can you name them?  
A: Thelonious Monk (Feb. 1964), Louis Armstrong (Feb. 1949), Duke Ellington )Aug. 1956), Wynton Marsalis (Oct. 1990) , and Dave Brubeck ( Nov. 1954).

Q: What is a pregnant goldfish is called?  
A: A Twit

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Alan Rock's Trivia

Q:What was the first CD pressed in the United States? 

A: Bruce Springsteen’s Born In The USA.

Q: Today is National Junk Food Day. Which junk food is most popular?

A: Although Potato chips are the Number 1 selling snack in the United States. Statistics show that they accompany lunch 32 percent of the time and dinner 18 percent of the time. Donuts are the top selling Junk Food, followed by Pizza, and Ice cream.

A: Type O is the most common blood type in the world. Type AB (neg) is the rarest.
Where is the worlds only roller skating museum located?  

A: Lincoln, Nebraska

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Alan's Trivia

Q: In the famous shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock's film. "Psycho," what was used for blood?  
A: Chocolate syrup.
Q; Which fairy rules the Kingdom of Sweets in the ballet, The Nutcracker?  
A: The Sugar Plum Fairy
Q: You suffer from lachanophobia. What do you have an abnormal fear of? 
A: Vegetables
Q Who was the mother of Queen Mary I?  
A: Catherine of Aragon.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Alan Rock's Trivia

Q: The Flintstones was originally sponsored by whom? 
A: Winston cigarettes, and was intended for adults.

Q: When coming up with the Morse code, Samuel Morse  needed to know what letters were used most frequently in the English language so he did this by counting the number of letters in sets of printers type. What do you think was number one, two and three were? A: E, T, then A,I,O,N,S. (all about the same. Z was last with J,X & T rounding out the bottom.

Q: What male singer recorded a brilliant duet album with John Coltrane in 1963? Songs on the album include "Lush Life" and "They Say It's Wonderful". 
A: Johnny Hartman For my money, "John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman" is a must-own album. Hartman's vocals are smooth as silk, and Coltrane's playing is at its finest. One of the top 100 jazz albums of all-time, in my opinion.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Alan Rock's Trivia

Q: Who was the gal that worked long and hard hours on assembly lines during World War II. What was her nickname, which was even set to music in honor of her on recordings and during dances and other musical events?  

A: The wonderful gal who helped with the manufacture of aircraft and other equipment needed by our troops was Rosie the Riveter.

A: The world's first electric traffic light signal was installed over 75 years ago in Cleveland, Ohio, at the intersection of Euclid Avenue and East 105th Street.

Q: In what year did Congress declare the Fourth of July as a national holiday?  

A: In 1870, the Fourth of July became a national holiday.

Q: How many milk or baby teeth does a child have?  

A: 20

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Alan Rock's Trivia

Q: What was the name of Han Solo’s spaceship?   
A: The Millennium Falcon
Q: What country is credited with inventing paper money in the 9th century? 

A: China

Q: Which country grows more bananas than any other? 

A: India, followed by Uganda, China, Philippines, Ecuador.

Q: What was Edward Teach more commonly known as? 

A: Blackbeard