Saturday, January 31, 2015

Alan Rock's Trivia

Q:For you baseball fans, Nolan Ryan has a birthday today. How many no hitters did he pitch?  A: 7

Q: We’ve all had the hiccups but how long was the longest battle of hiccups? 
 A: It lasted 68 years. American Charles Osborne owns the record for having the longest streak of hiccups – 68 years. He started hiccupping in 1922 and didn’t stop until 1990.

Q: What is the longest recorded flight of a chicken
 A: The world's longest flight of a chicken that has been recorded is 13 seconds. The world's longest distance flight of a chicken that has be recorded is 301 1/2 feet

What phobia did Thomas Edison suffer from? 
A: He was afraid of the dark

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Alan Rock's Trivia

Q:Who held the first presidential news conference carried live on radio and television?  
A: President Kennedy held the first presidential news conference carried live on radio and television on Jan. 25, 1961.
Q:Elvis Presley made only one television commercial. What was it an ad for?  
A: : Southern Maid Doughnuts,  in 1954.
Q:What was the most points scored by Wilt Chamberlain?  
A: Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in a basketball game in 1962, when he played for the Philadelphia Warriors.
Q: Hans Langseth had the longest beard at a record. How long was it when he died?  
A: length of 17 1/2 feet long! When he died, his beard was given to the Smithsonian Institute.

(BONUS) What is the world cleanest country? A: Switzerland.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Alaan Rock's Trivia

Q: How many squares are there on a chess board? 

A: 64

Q:There have been three famous jazz musicians with the name Bill Evans. Two of them (piano and sax) kept their name. What did the third Bill Evans change his name to?  
A: Yusef Lateef. He is a fine solo musician who also has played with Cannonball Adderley, Charles Mingus, Roy Eldridge, and Dizzy Gillespie. There is some debate on Lateef's real name, it may have been Bill Huddleston. He did go by the name "Bill Evans" though.
Q:Albert DeSalvo was also known by the infamous name? 
A: The Boston Strangler
Q:E.I. du Pont introduced the first commerical production on Nylon on this date in 1938. What did they use it for?  
A: To manufacture tooth brush bristles.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Q: Every commander in chief since Franklin Roosevelt has had both a library and a memoir, expect one. Can you name this president? 
A: John F. Kennedy doesn't have both a memoir and a presidential library.

Q:How many painting did Vincent Van Gogh sell his whole life?  
A:  He only sold 1 painting and that was to his brother.

Q:Abraham Lincoln once invented a device that did what
A: lifted riverboats over shallow water.

Q:How tall was Robert Pershing Wadlow, the tallest man in medical history for whom there is irrefutable evidence?  
A: When last measured on June 27, 1940, was found to be 8 ft 11.1 inches tall.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Alan Rock's trivia

Q:Who is credited with: “Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all”? 
A: Tennyson

Q:How many languages are spoken in the world today? 
A: roughly 6,500 spoken languages in the world today. However, about 2,000 of those languages have fewer than 1,000 speakers.

Q:What is the most popular language in the world?  
A: Mandarin Chinese. There are 1,213,000,000 people in the world that speak that language.

Q:If you were to place the planet Saturn in a big enough bowl of water, what would happen?  
A: it would float!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Alan Rock's Trivia

Q:What was the name of the Indian Princess on the Howdy Doody show?  
A. Princess Summerfallwinterspring

Q: On JAN 11, 1964  who was the Surgeon General that labeled cigarette smoking the #1 cause of lung disease
A: Luther Terry.  Big Tobacco responded calmly and logically by calling the surgeon general a communist and declaring that cigarettes are as American as mom, apple pie, and wheezing. Research has shown that nobody stops smoking for health reasons. Some people do quit, however, when they finally realize that their nose smells like a wet cigar butt.

Q:In ancient Rome, during the eulogies at funerals, what did mourners customarily munch on?   
A: Parsley

Q:Who was the first secretary of the U.S. Treasury, in 1757? 
A: American statesman Alexander Hamilton,

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Alan Rock's Trivia

Q:Who was the first woman candidate for the U.S. presidency?  
A: On April 2, 1872, Victoria Woodhull

Q;Locusts can eat their own weight in food in a day. A person eats his own body weight in approximately how long?  
A: in about half a year.

Q:What is the farthest you can see with the naked eye?  
A: 2.4 million light years away!

Q: What is the second largest organ in the body?  

(BONUS) Beside Miles Davis, who made up the rest of the group on ‘Kind of Blue’?  
A: Cannonball Adderley (alto), John Coltrane (tenor), Paul Chambers (bass) and Bill Evans  (piano, except, ‘Freddie Freeloader).

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Alan Rock's Trivia

Q:Most dust particles in your house are made from what?  
A: Dead skin

Q:What happens if you put a Pearl in vinegar?  
A: It would melt.

Q:Why does your stomach produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks? 
A: If it didn’t, it would digest itself.

Q:What is the largest animal that ever existed? 
A: The blue whale, the largest animal to have ever existed, is 96 feet long and weights 125 tons. This is as much as 4 large dinosaurs (Brontosauri), 23 elephants, 230 cows or 1800 men.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Alan Rock's Trivia

Q: On Jan. 3, 1973, George Steinbrenner bought The New York Yankees for ten million dollars. Who did he buy the Yankees from?  
Q:Who was the first woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? 
A: Jan. 3, 1987, Aretha Franklin.
Q:Where did Lassie come home to, what city? 
A: Yorkshire, England
Q:What was only one code during World War II that was never broken by the enemy and was used by the US Army? 
A: Navajo soldiers, called Code-talkers, developed a radio code based on their native language. It was the only way US soldiers on the battlefield could be sure that messages were from there own side and not from Japanese imitators.