Friday, July 30, 2010

Alan Rock's Trivia!


1) On this date in 1957 Jack Paar debuted as host of The Tonight Show. Who hosted the show prior to Paar?

2) Who was the only WWII veteran to walk on the moon?


1) Before Jack Paar, The Tonight Show was hosted by Steve Allen and Ernie Kovacs.

2) Alan Shepard

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Alan Rock's Trivia!


1) On this date in 1981, a certain momentous wedding took place in London. Who was the happy couple?


1) Prince Charles and Lady Diana

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Alan Rock's Trivia!


1) This lead singer for the Commodores went on to a very successful solo career. Who was he?

2) This 1953 broadcast was the first internationally televised event. What was it?

3) What actor was the first to win a second Best Actor Academy award?

4) Who was the NFL coach with the most wins?


1) Lionel Richie sang for the Commodores, lending the lead vocals on "Easy (Like Sunday Morning)." Contrary to popular notion, he did not sing the lead vocal on their huge hit, "Brickhouse."

2) Queen Elizabeth II's coronation ceremony was the first internationally televised event.

3) Spencer Tracy was awarded Best Actor in both 1937 and 1938, for Captains Courageous and Boys Town, respectively.

4) Don Shula has the most wins in the NFL with 347 games.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Alan Rock's Trivia!


1) In the 1976 film inspired by the Bobbi Gentry hit, Ode to Billy Joe, who played Billy Joe McAllister?

2) Who was the first movie comic to be hit in the face with a pie?

3) How many songs did Irving Berlin write?


1) Robby Benson

2) Fatty Arbuckle

3) More than 900 songs, 19 musicals and the scores of 18 movies

Monday, July 26, 2010

Alan Rock's Trivia!


1) On this date in 1984, this TV show became the first to be broadcast in stereo. What was it?

2) Which singer/movie star is the only celebrity to have five stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

3) How much can a thirsty camel drink?


1) The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

2) Gene Autry

3) A thirsty camel can drink 25 gallons of water in less than 3 minutes.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Alan Rock's Trivia!


1) On this date in 1961 actor Woody Harrelson was born. He received a Best Actor Oscar nomination for his starring role in what movie?

2) She called herself the "Empress of Blues." Who was she?

3) She wrote about contemporary issues of her day, issues such as women's suffrage, temperance, prison reform and child labor. Who was she?


1) The People vs. Larry Flynt

2) Bessie Smith (1894 - 1937)

3) Louisa May Alcott, author of Little Women.

Alan Rock's Trivia! (for July 22, 2010)


1) On July 22, 1934, this famous gangster was gunned down by FBI agents in Chicago. Who was he?

2) She had just turned 19 when she became the first woman to swim the English Channel. Who was she?


1) John Dillinger

2) Gertrude Ederle

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Alan Rock's Trivia!


1) Thomas Edison had a fear of this.

2) On this date in 1955, the last episode of a popular radio program aired. Popular since its debut in 1944, it starred Leonard Slye. What was his character's name?

3) You are hired to be part of a claque. What will you be doing?


1) the dark

2) Roy Rogers

3) You've been hired to applaud an act or a performer. For example, the people who pour out onto the football field to scream for Springsteen during the SuperBowl halftime are paid claquers.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Alan Rock's Trivia!


1) If you are hedenophobic, you have an aversion to what?

2) Which president issued the first military draft during peace time?

3) This state is known as the "Cowboy State," but it's also known as the "Equality State" for having been the first state to grant voting rights to women. Which state is it?


1) You are averse to pleasure.

2) Harry S. Truman issued the first military draft during peace time on this date in 1948.

3) Wyoming

Monday, July 19, 2010

Alan Rock's Trivia!


1) What does AFL/CIO stand for?

2) Who won the Oscar for Best Actor for his portrayal of George M. Coohan?

3) The Beatles made their first U.S. appearance on what television show?

4) Did any women sign the Declaration of Independence?


1) American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations.

2) James Cagney

3) The Ed Sullivan Show

4) No. Women were not participants in the Declaration of Independence

Friday, July 16, 2010

Alan Rock's Trivia!


1) On this date in 1963, the U.S. Postal Service began using ZIP codes. ZIP is an acronym which stands for what?

2) Which two universities were headed by Robert E. Lee?

3) From where do we get oil of wintergreen?


1) "Zone Improvement Plan"

2) Robert E. Lee was once superintendent of West Point prior to the Civil War. After the war, he was president of Washington University, later called Washington and Lee University in Lexington, VA.

3) Oil of wintergreen does not come from the wintergreen plant but from the bark of the sweet birch.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Alan Rock's Trivia!


1) Someone with the condition known as aphonia is affected in what way?

2) In which fictional city did Popeye live?

3) Which noted female author served as a nurse in the Civil War?

4) Which U.S. "founding father" is also referred to as the "Father of the Constitution"?


1) Someone with aphonia is unable to speak. It is a severe form of a vocal disorder. A primary cause of aphonia is bilateral disruption of the recurrent laryngeal nerve, which supplies nearly all the muscles in the larynx. Damage to the nerve may be the result of surgery (e.g., thyroidectomy) or a tumor.

2) Sweetwater (though there are some who insist it's Sweethaven). Since 1977, Popeye has been honored with his own statue in Chester, Illinois - so perhaps that's his new hometown.

3) Louisa May Alcott

4) James Madison

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Alan Rock's Trivia!


1) What river forms the northern border of Kentucky?

2) What did the first vending machines in this country dispense?

3) In what country did the kilt originate?

4) Practitioners of this profession use the most extensive vocabulary. What do they do?


1) The Ohio River

2) chewing gum

3) France (surprised?)

4) They are journalists.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Alan Rock's Trivia!


1) Which of the Great Lakes is entirely within U.S. territory?

2) Which country has the highest number of doughnut shops per capita?

3) Which Constitutional Amendment provided women voting rights?


1) Lake Michigan

2) Canada

3) The 19th Amendment provided voting rights to women.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Alan Rock's Trivia!


1) Who was the first woman to serve as U.S. National Security Advisor?

2) Who was the first African-American woman to win an Oscar for Best Actress?

3) Who was the first balloonist to fly solo around the world, landing in Australia, July 4th, 2002?

4) Who was the U.S. military's first female four-star general?


1) Condoleeza Rice

2) Halle Berry (Hattie McDaniel won Best Supporting Actress in 1940)

3) Steve Fossett

4) Ann Dunwoody

Friday, July 09, 2010

Alan Rock's Trivia!


1) A vexillologist specializes in what?

2) Only one U.S. state has a unicameral legislature. Which one is it?

3) In 1833, this educational institution was the first college to go co-ed. Which college was it?

4) According to a recent survey, what percentage of people sing along with their radios?


1) A vexillologist is an expert on flags.

2) Nebraska

3) Oberlin College in Ohio

4) 75%

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Alan Rock's Trivia!


1) Two presidents -two!- died on the Fourth of July in 1826. Who were they?

2) What was Flipper's real name?

3) On this date in 1932, the Dow Jones bottomed out at what?

4) On this date in 1958, the RIAA presented the first gold album for this recording having sold one million copies. What was it?


1) John Adams and Thomas Jefferson

2) For Flipper, the movie, the real dolphin's name was Mitzi. For the TV series, Flipper was played by Suzy and Cathy.

3) 41.22

4) The Oklahoma soundtrack received that first gold album. Perry Como's "Catch a Falling Star" received gold for the first single to have sold one million copies.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Alan Rock's Trivia!


1) Which governmental official heads up the American Red Cross?

2) He was the president of the Continental Congress and the first to sign the Declaration of Independence. Who was he?

3) Who coined the term "Iron Curtain" in order to describe the Soviet Union?


1) the President

2) John Hancock

3) Winston Churchill, in a speech given in Fulton, Missouri in 1946.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Alan Rock's Trivia!


1) Along with Thomas Jefferson, how many other presidents signed the Declaration of Independence?

2) On this date in 2002, Serena Williams beat sister, Venus, to win her first Wimbledon title and her second straight Grand Slam tournament. Who was the first black player to win a Wimbledon singles title?

3) Disney's The Lion King was inspired by a Shakespeare play. Which one?


1) One other president signed - John Adams.

2) Althea Gibson became the first black player to win a singles title at Wimbledon when she defeated Darlene Hard (6-3, 6-2)in 1957.

3) Hamlet.

Alan Rock's Trivia for 7/5/2010


1) What was the city and building where the Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence?

2) In 1781, this state was the first to declare a holiday to celebrate Independence. Which state was it?

3) Who was the first U.S. president to be voted out of office?

4) On July 5, 1947, the first black player in the American League signed a contract with the Cleveland Indians. What was his name?


1) Philadelphia and Independence Hall

2) Massachusetts

3) John Adams was voted out of office during his run for a second term; he was defeated by Thomas Jefferson.

4) Larry Doby

Friday, July 02, 2010

Alan Rock's Trivia!


1) Paul McCartney is a citizen of which country/ies?

2) What is the name of the Camel cigarette's mascot?

3) What four states are known as commonwealths?

4) Leslie Lynch King, Jr. was adopted and renamed. What was his new name?


1) Sir Paul has dual citizenship both in Great Britain and in the U.S.

2) "Old Joe"

3) Massachusetts, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Kentucky

4) Gerald R. Ford

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Alan Rock's Trivia!


1) How many official holidays are observed in the U.S.?

2) On this date in 1941, NBC broadcast the first FCC-sanctioned television commercial, during a Dodgers - Phillies game. The ad cost $9.00. What product was advertised?

3) Where was the pledge of allegiance first published?


1) 10

2) Bulova watches

3) The Youth's Companion