Sunday, September 04, 2016

Alan Rock's Trivia

Who is considered the Father of Labor Day? A: Peter McGuire, He was an Irish-American pioneer unionist who wanted citizens that “labored” all year long be acknowledged and have a day to relax.
Which was the first state to make Labor Day a holiday? A: Oregon. This happened five years after the first parade.
What is the average commute for the average American to get to their job? A: Nearly Thirty minutes
When was the first Labor Day parade held in the United States? A: Sept. 5, 1882
Where did Labor Day originate? A: Canada


Sterling Rothchild said...

(Hi Alan I will never call you AL)

I have no clue to your trivia ? but can you help me with my problem pls? I have a cassette in fact many of them. I am listening to it I recorded it in Virginia in Hampton in 1984 or thereabouts I don't have all the song I have these lyrics to this Brazilian Jazzy song "Your fair game,you never know who you might meet.your fair game, just sit back enjoy the ride,sit back enjoy the ride.... it's killing me i can't figure out who is singing it I have "Bing" & "Google" the lyrics it has guitar in it a really nice pretty slow song???

your friend in South Carolina Shelly (sheldon)

Really am enjoying your show Happy Labor Day

Sterling Rothchild said...

Btw the Nu Shooz (many hits including "I can't Wait" live in Oregon) amongst others are my personal friends and I 'd just like to say Happy Labor to them and all the Nu Shooz fans world wide!


PS: One of my fave songs of Nu Shooz is a jazzy song called "Drifting" writen in the 1980's